QuickBooks Invoicing— Easy Methods to Create & Send Invoices

quickbooks online invoicing

Creating an invoice can break your sweat if you are a beginner and have not performed that several times. Read this article to craft invoicing like a pro! Do you often wonder how you create and send QuickBooks invoicing? How QuickBooks works with the business process? What are the essential steps to follow?

Depending on the transaction, you can create an invoice in Quickbooks; let’s explore the steps quickly.

What is QuickBooks Invoice?

QuickBooks invoice is a formal payment request for goods and services you have provided or plan to provide in the future. This advanced software enables you to create professional invoices in simple steps. QuickBooks Online invoices could be tracked so that you are aware of the amount owed to you and the due date.

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QuickBooks invoices serve different purposes, including:

  • Request time payment from consumers
  • Keep sales track
  • Record revenue for tax returns
  • Legal protection
  • Track inventory for selling products
  • Send invoices and get paidIf you wish to get paid for the products & services, create an online invoicing QuickBooks to send to customers. You can add different products or services you are selling to an invoice. This advanced software handles things if you use an external payment processing platform.

How to Create QuickBooks Invoices Online?

If you’re using QuickBooks, you should know “how to create invoices in QuickBooks with ease.” Both versions enable you to create an invoice for your customers.Want to create QuickBooks invoicing? There are different ways you choose to create and add inventory in QuickBooks, explore every one here:

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# 1) Create QuickBooks Invoice from Scratch

Do you know that QuickBooks creates invoices from scratch?

  • Go to the Home screen of QuickBooks ➤ Customers menu and select “Create invoices”
  • From the drop-down menu, go to customer ➤ customer job
  • If the customers or jobs are not added to the list, you can choose “Add New”
  • Fill in all the needed details like Date, invoice number, terms, etc.
  • Apply the discount if you’re providing a discount on goods or services
  • Select an item list by searching it from the list menu
  • Now click on New ➤ choose Type, and select “Discount”
  • Enter the Item name and number
  • Also, the description of items
  • Enter the discount % or amount. If the amount differs, leave the field blank and enter the details directly in the sales forms.
  • Select the income account for which you want to track discounts
  • Choose Tax code and hit on OK ➤ Save & Close
  • QuickBooks Online Invoicing for Sales Order

If you’ve created a sales order, QuickBooks create invoice in two ways:

From Sales Orders Window

  • From the sales orders tab, go to Create Invoice
  • Now select Create invoice for a sales order to add items from the sales order
  • Create invoicing in QuickBooks online for the selected items by choosing “Create invoice”
  • After all the changes in the invoice select “Save and Close”.

From the Invoice Window

  • QuickBooks create invoice/ select create Invoices from the customer menu
  • Choose a customer job from the drop-down option
  • Once the Sales Order Window appears.
  • Select sales orders and items you want to create invoices for
  • Following all the changes  “Save and Close”.

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#2 ) Invoicing in QuickBooks Online for Estimate

When a customer accepts an estimate and agrees to pay a specific amount, you can convert it into an invoice in two ways:

QuickBooks Create Invoice from the Estimate Window

  • Go to the correct estimate
  • From the Estimate form, choose “Create Invoice”
  • If the progress invoice is ON and choose what to include as promoted
  • When you view the invoice come across, edit all the essential details
  • Now click on Save & Close

Create Online Invoicing QuickBooks from Window

  • Select “Create Invoices” from the Customer menu of QuickBooks
  • Now select customer job from the drop-down menu
  • Once you click on the option, you will come across the Estimate Window
  • Select the estimate you want to include in the invoice
  • You’ll see the invoice appears and enter the details
  • Click on “Save and Close.”

# 3)  Create recurring Invoices in QuickBooks Online

You can create a recurring invoice in QuickBooks online by creating a new template and following these steps:

  • Select Recurring transactions from the Settings
  • Choose New ➤ transaction type ➤ Ok
  • Enter the Template name
  • Select Scheduled, Reminder, or Unscheduled.
  • Choose fields ➤ Save
  • You can choose a transaction template based on recurring transaction

Open transactions

Choose “make recurring” to create a template from the footer form

Duplicate the Template

Speed up the process by creating a template quickly

  • Choose the recurring transactions from Settings
  • Select the template from the dropdown menu
  • Choose the Duplicate option from the available list
  • All settings except the title will be in duplicate copy

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How do I send QuickBooks invoices?
Save it and follow the below steps to send QuickBooks invoices.

  • Click on Save and QuickBooks will automatically create mail on the default settings
  • Customize the default message for the invoice if needed.
  • Preview the invoice on the right side of an email message
  • After previewing the QuickBooks Invoice, choose the Send option.

You will receive the invoice notification when the email is successfully sent to customers.

Final Note,

We hope this blog, “how to create invoices in QuickBooks” will be helpful? “Once you complete the QuickBooks invoicing process, send it to the customers and get the payment done on time. If you face any problem, you can always get in touch with our round-the-clock support team and get the issue fixed.


Q~Can I see my invoicing history with the QuickBooks Invoicing software?

Many invoicing software programs save your invoicing history when they are paid. It does not consume a large portion of the software or much effort to retain your entire invoice history.

Q ~What is the ideal time to send an invoice?

Many users find the time between 10 AM to 1 PM most convenient.  It means you are only concluding a deal that’s already been processed.

Q ~Is it possible to create an invoice without a template?

Making invoices is only difficult if you are new to it. Even when you Google an image, this will give you a fair idea of how you’ll create a reputable template. However, templates will not always do. When you plan to invest in invoicing software, you may perhaps miss out on essential features like recurring invoices or invoice analytics.

Q~ What are the various kinds of accounts you could access in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks normally gives access to variable accounts, including savings, credit card accounts, checking accounts, and money market accounts.







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