How to Configure QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced?

QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced

Intuit offers a wide range of accounting services as long as the user needs them. The best service provided by Intuit is QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced, and the owners can precisely and timely pay their team and employees thanks to this payroll solution. Employees can print off their paychecks, bills, and wages using this method. You must first set up the Enhanced Payroll before you can begin using it. This blog post will walk you through setting up QuickBooks’ Payroll Enhanced feature step-by-step. Additionally, you will discover more about its features. Let’s begin.

What are the benefits of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced?

Users of QuickBooks have access to a plethora of tools, including QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll. It has some fascinating benefits, including the following:

  • You quickly print Pay Cards, Paychecks, and Quickbooks direct deposit for the Employees’ pay.
  • Offers simple tax filing and payment options.
  • Easy online payment methods.
  • straightforward QuickBooks Desktop integration
  • Direct Deposit made it more accessible.
  • Makes tax reporting and tracking simple.
  • The user’s needs can cater to while customizing QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced.
  • Word, PDF, and Excel are just a few of the formats in which the reports can save.
  • With QuickBooks enhanced payroll, viewing the local, state, and federal reports is simple.

Let’s start setting up the upgraded payroll feature now that you know it.

How Do I Configure QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced?

Before you can begin using the enhanced payroll for QuickBooks, you must finish some activities. The step-by-step instructions for configuring it are as follows:

Step 1: Activate Your Payroll Subscription

The annual QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced subscription must activate after purchase. Depending on whether you buy it at a physical store or online, the activation procedures may vary. You will be given the instructions for both.

You must follow the instructions to enter the payroll service key and activate your monthly payroll subscription after purchasing QuickBooks Payroll. This key is given to you at the time of purchase. Contact QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support and ask if you didn’t get the key. Get the key, then enter the service under both circumstances.

When Making a Purchase via a Phone or Online

The 16-digit service key was sent to your email after you made an online purchase of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced, Basic, or Advanced. Therefore, you must input this key in QuickBooks to activate the payroll functions. Try looking for the key in the spam or garbage folders if you can’t seem to locate it in your inbox. Now adhere to the instructions:

Enter Your Service Key:

  1. Open your company file for QuickBooks Desktop first.
  2. Next, select Employees, followed by Payroll.
  3. Select Enter Payroll Service Key next. Select the Manage Payroll Service key if you have additional payroll subscriptions.
  4. Click Add now (or Edit if the payroll service is already listed, Remove the payroll service key before going with the next step).
  5. Enter your Service Key in the following step.
  6. Click on Next; after that, then Finish.
  7. Click OK when you see the Payroll Update notification.
  8. Here, you must confirm the Active status of your payroll service.
  9. Finally, press OK.

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When Making A Purchase From A Retailer

Typically, you need to enter the service key you receive in order to activate the QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced subscription you bought from a retail location. The steps are as follows:

  1. Firstly, open the QuickBooks Desktop Company file.
  2. Then click on Employees, followed by Payroll.
  3. Click Install Payroll from Box to continue.
  4. After that, enter the information on the Payroll License and Product information page. Bring up the colored sticker on the folder that is inside the box to reveal the license number. Follow the instructions in the folder to locate the product number. You will get a 16-digit service key.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Click the Enter Payroll Service key to continue.
  7. Click Next after entering the Service key, followed by Finish.

Step 2: Finish Payroll-Related Tasks

You need to add your employees and set up your state and federal payroll taxes in this area of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced. Include any taxes and paychecks you have already paid this year.

It takes time to enter the payroll data into QuickBooks. Instead, you will get a design with the payroll improved configuration that enables you to update the information as you see fit and then save it. Let’s include the following details:

Add Employees

The employees add in QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced at this point. Additionally, you can use the free QuickBooks Workspace product to invite your employees and request that they enter their information independently. You must provide the following details for each employee:

  • Hire Date
  • Birth Date
  • Pay Date
  • Completed Form W-4.
  • Any Paychecks deductions.
  • Bank account for direct deposit (if applicable)
  • Vacation, Sick, Balance, and PTO accrual rates (if applicable)

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Create a company (Deductions, PTO, Pay Items)

You must select from a pre-set list of insurance benefits, pay items, retirement deductions, or configure customer items when using QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced next step. Add them if you paid for their sick days or vacation time and provided the workers.

Use the Assign to Employees option to quickly apply the time off and payroll items to a number of employees after setting them up.

Create Taxes

Your state and federal payroll tax information must enter here. You can also choose to pay your taxes electronically or online. You will also need the following:

Enter Pay History

You must include both the employee paychecks and any tax payments you made if you paid your employees during the current tax year. At the end of the year, the W-2s for the employees include this information. You do not need to complete this step if you have not yet paid your staff for the current year. Now, you’ll need the following.

  • Payroll and pay stub reports for this year were issued to every employee.
  • Tax liability records or tax payment receipts.

Review and Approve

If you input pay history in this phase of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced, you will also need to enter the state and federal tax filing information for the closed quarters. The details of the payment history will review for mistakes by QuickBooks. Additionally, this will guarantee that the W-2s sent to your employees at the end of the year are valid. You will require the following information:

  • For the close quarters, Quarterly State and Federal payroll tax forms (941, State Unemployment Insurance, etc.)

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Call of Action

The QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced helps you pay the employees and the State and Federal taxes. We know setting up is difficult, But with this blog, we present you with an easy and step-by-step procedure. It suggested checking the details while filling in the employee or tax information. If you face an issue while setting the payroll enhanced in QuickBooks, you can reach our QuickBooks Desktop Payroll support via Email or Live Chat. Our ProAdvisors will resolve your concern.

Thank You!

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