QuickBooks POS Hardware to Manage Your Business Better

quickbooks pos hardware

A point-of-sale or POS system is an interface used by a cashier during checkout to ring up purchases. Modern POS systems are feature-rich and advanced software that helps with inventory management, employee scheduling, and customer management. QuickBooks is one of the trendiest accounting software in the U.S. If your business uses a POS system, QuickBooks POS integration will help you easily sync your sales data, saving you much time in the process. QuickBooks POS hardware helps you manage your retail store by completing crucial tasks. These include tracking customers, updating inventory, and moving sales data to QuickBooks. Read on to learn the different POS hardware that integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly.

Different QuickBooks POS Hardware to Manage Your Store

The POS hardware works optimally with the latest QuickBooks Desktop 2023 product. There are various credit and debit readers, barcode scanners, and cash registers that you can use individually or as part of a bundle to accept different types of payments.

The hardware comes with functional designs and extensive compatibility. All this ensures that the checkout process simplifies considerably.

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Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale EMV Bundled Hardware

At $100, this QuickBooks POS hardware bundle contains a cash drawer, receipt printer, wired barcode, and PIN pad. This POS hardware bundle is available in white and black shades. To use it, you must have a QuickBooks Point of Sale payments account.

PIN Pad 

The PIN Pad is available for $389. It’s a must-have equipment for running a store. The hardware accepts contactless payments. It works optimally with QuickBooks Point of Sale 19.0 or higher versions. You must have a QuickBooks Point of Sale payments account to use it.

Cash Drawer  

The Cash Drawer QuickBooks POS hardware costs $109. Measuring 13 X 13 inches, it is compact hardware available in white and black colors.

Receipt Printer

The black Receipt Printer has a 2X printing speed. It also boasts the de-curl functionality for flat paper prints. You can print custom marketing coupons directly on your receipt. The receipt printer costs $219.

Wired Barcode Scanner

The Wired Barcode Scanner is available in black and white shades. It has a sleek and compact built and is equipped with updated scanning technology. The hardware costs $199.

Wireless Barcode Scanner

This black hardware is priced at $409. Similar to the wired barcode scanner, it also has a sleek design and uses updated scanning technology.

Universal Tablet

This tablet is compatible with every tablet. It comes with a flip capability. You can purchase this QuickBooks POS hardware at $119. It comes in white and black shades.

Pole Display

The black Pole Display allows you to verify prices, program, and personalize messages. It offers flexible viewing angles and costs $209.

Tag Printer

The black Tag Printer is compact and facilitates printing barcode labels and inventory tags. You can pair it with a barcode scanner for greater accuracy. It is worth $329.

Steps to Install and Configure Supported QuickBooks POS Hardware

If you have a device that QuickBooks supports, go ahead and set up the supported hardware for QuickBooks POS. To work effectively in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, it’s essential for compatible peripherals to be set up correctly.

Remember to install QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale on your system to install quickbooks  hardware and driver. There are many drivers in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale built for supported and former compatible hardware. When you install them, they will easily identify the new devices.

Besides, you must check that your Windows operating system is fully updated.

Install the correct hardware driver

If you use the following QuickBooks POS hardware, driver installation before connecting to QuickBooks Point of Sale is mandatory. The devices include the following.

  • Receipt printer – Star TSP 100, Star mPOP 2-in1
  • Pinpad – Ingenico Tetra Lane 5000
  • Tag Printer – Zebra ZD410
  • Physical Inventory Scanner – Cipherlab 8000/8001
  • Pole Display – Logic Controls 9900, POSIX XP8200
  1. To install the drivers, go to the Windows ‘Start’ menu.
  2. Head to ‘quickbooks file extension.’
  3. Now, go to the location of the QuickBooks Point of Sale folder. It is as follows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ Intuit\QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale XX.0\Drivers.
  4. Here, XX.0 denotes your QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale version.
  5. Next, browse to the folder of the driver to install.
  6. Now, run the .exe file.
  7. Install the driver using the on-screen instructions.

Configure hardware in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Follow these steps to set up the hardware in QB Point of Sale.

  • Choose ‘File.’
  • Next, pick the ‘Hardware Setup Wizard.’
  • Choose the kind of hardware you are linking.
  • Choose ‘Next.’
  • Use the on-screen instructions to connect, configure, and test the hardware.

What Makes QuickBooks POS Unique?

Here are the features of QuickBooks POS that make it best for retail businesses.

  • Manage credit customers and reward programs – The QuickBooks POS gives you full data of your credit customers, such as their credit limit and amount due.
  • Manage cash credit and debit card payments – As QuickBooks POS is well-integrated with the desktop system, you can do credit payment processing easily.
  • Manage sales transactions – Add sales data in QB POS through a barcode scanner or manually.
  • Integration with QuickBooks Desktop – Data from QuickBooks POS shifts easily to QuickBooks Desktop 2023. The transactions are also synced with the QuickBooks software.
  • Manage inventory items – Get updated data on your stock with QuickBooks POS. QuickBooks Point of Sale software also uploads inventory items from spreadsheets.

What Tablets Does QuickBooks POS Support?

QuickBooks POS supports a variety of tablets. Tablet compatibility includes

  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Acer Switch
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
  • Microsoft Surface Go.

Tablets allow users to simplify the checking out tasks. It also facilitates seamless working with customers to take orders and process sales anywhere within the store.

Can QuickBooks POS Produce Barcodes? 

QuickBooks Desktop POS can easily print barcodes. It supports the usage of barcode scanners for listing items on documents. There’s no complex procedure that you need to follow for using a barcode scanner with QuickBooks POS hardware. Some kinds of merchandise come pre-tagged with the universal product code (UPC) barcodes. On recording those barcodes in inventory, you can scan the UPC barcodes for listing items on documents.

Summing up

QuickBooks POS hardware is ideal for small retail businesses, jewelry stores, clothing stores, and furniture and home improvement-related businesses. The POS system is extremely simple to use if you use QuickBooks Desktop. If you have such a business, the hardware mentioned above will certainly suit it.

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