QuickBooks Certification Cost and the Benefits of Certification

quickbooks certification cost

QuickBooks is a software that is being increasingly adopted by small and medium-sized businesses. But users often encounter various problems while working. There are also many features in the program that they aren’t aware of. A QuickBooks Pro Advisor is a person is someone who has comprehensive knowledge about this program. They have acquired this understanding through the QuickBooks Pro Advisor certification program. Users often have a question regarding QuickBooks certification cost. Note that there are four certifications for QuickBooks Online, Pro, Enterprise, and POS. Only the certification for QuickBooks Pro Advisor is free. In this article, you’ll find all information about the cost of the certification and the benefits it offers.

How Much Does QuickBooks Certification Cost?

You must have a certificate to prove you are a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. It means that you have the skills to manage accounts with this software at any particular time. If you desire to get this certificate, you must pass the QuickBooks Pro Advisor certificate exam.

As mentioned above, you can get certified as QuickBooks Pro Advisor for free. But the cost to get certified in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, QuickBooks Desktop, or QBO is USD 149. In addition, there might be some extra charges for the testing center that you desire. This exam has five different sections, and you need to obtain at least 80% to qualify it. You will know about the exact percentage after you finish the exam. The screen will only display if you have passed or failed.

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Note that you must train properly for this exam. Intuit QuickBooks school offers extensive training for this exam, and the cost to attend it ranges from $50 to $1500 with a medium price of $400.

Steps to Access QuickBooks Pro Advisor Certification Courses

Now that you know about the QuickBooks Pro Advisor certification cost, it’s time to access the courses. If you have a QB account, you can find out about the 2022 certification there. This is for those individuals who’ve signed up for the QuickBooks Pro Advisor Deluxe membership. But if you desire to be certified in QuickBooks Online, there’s a free online program you can leverage. Here are the pointers to access this course.

  • Sign up for QuickBooks Online Advance.
  • Head to the ‘Pro Advisor’ It is present below the ‘Your Practice’ option.
  • The Pro Advisor tab will give you a list of various training modules. Tap the ‘Training’ tab.
  • If you were continuing with the course before, select ‘Resume.’
  • Review what the available courses offer. It will help you find out a suitable course.
  • Select one of the training options. By choosing one, you can see the training cards for a particular module of the course.
  • To start a course, tap ‘Get Started.’
  • Now adhere to the prompts on your screen to finish the task.
  • After you complete the course, tap the ‘Take the exam’ option.
  • If you pass this exam, you can print the relevant certificates and badges.

What Will You Learn with a QuickBooks Certification?

You are now clear on the QuickBooks Pro Advisor certification cost and how to access it. Naturally, you must be curious about the learning you’ll gain. The certification covers five crucial elements. These cover online administration, vendors, sales, and money in fundamental accounting and reports. Here are the skills you will acquire.

  • You will learn how to make a file through the opening balance.
  • The course provides knowledge about payroll advanced features.
  • You’ll find out how to manage users and company configuration.
  • Another good skill you’ll gain is about recording invoices and handling payments.
  • You’ll understand QuickBooks financial reports.
  • You will also learn about advanced features in online banking and bank rules in QuickBooks.
  • The course will also help you uncover various techniques for growing your business.
  • You will also gain a good knowledge to serve your clients efficiently.

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How to Prepare for a QuickBooks Certification?

QuickBooks offers various classes for preparing for this exam. These are the classes that will help you ace the exam.

  • Live class – It is a 2-day live class at a cost of $679.95. Here you learn under the expert guidance of a teacher.
  • Self-paced class – This class will cost you $579.95. Here you can learn at your very own pace in a 2-day period.
  • VIP Membership – This class costs $679.95. Instructors are there for 44 hours per week to give answers to your queries.

Advantages of Getting Certified in the QuickBooks Pro Advisor Program

You certainly gain many benefits after signing up with the Pro Advisor program. When you complete the certification program, you are added to an online directory listing called ‘Find Pro Advisor.’ With it, you can connect with potential customers and build your clientele. Here are some other benefits you receive.

  • You’ll receive a discount on QB companies for your customers.
  • You can freely operate your finance firms.
  • The Pro Advisor tab lets you access discounted products and certifications.
  • You can get unlimited assistance from experts based in the U.S.
  • You can proudly showcase your Pro Advisor certification badge. It perfectly reflects your expertise in this field.
  • After the certification, you’ll get ongoing professional education credits totally free.
  • A chance to win Silver, Gold, or Elite membership with your QB Pro Advisor expertise.

If you choose to assist those who are using QB Desktop products, you can add its membership for $499 per year. It gives you the following extra benefits.

  • Thirty percent discount on QB, which you can give to your clients.
  • QuickBooks Desktop program worth $5000.
  • Training resources for QuickBooks Desktop items.
  • You can easily access QuickBooks Desktop products certification.

These benefits must have convinced you that the QuickBooks certification cost is truly worth the money and effort.

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Are There Any Requirements for QuickBooks Certification

There are no particular requirements for getting certified in QuickBooks Online. You can get certified in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online without any prior qualifications. QuickBooks training will help learners to gain the needed skills and ready themselves for the exam.

But if you are a professional who is already quite familiar with QuickBooks, you don’t need to take the training. Just take the test without any instructions.

Final Thoughts

Now you know precisely how to become a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. By knowing the QuickBooks certification cost and how to access it, you can feel confident about attaining the necessary skills. If you have any other doubts in your mind about getting certified in QuickBooks, feel free to speak to a QuickBooks technical support expert.

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